• Touch type training resources

    I learnt touch typing many years ago. After discussing with a friend, I recently switched to split ortho linear keybaord, the Keyboardio Model 100 I ordered during their kickstarter campaign. This change is quite fantastic, and I’ve taken some times to learn how to use layer, and craete my own layers configuration by the use […]

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  • SIGGRAPH deadline

    A SIGGRAPH deadline can be tough, here is my desk in “normal time” and “right after the deadline”

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  • Blogs I follow

    Here is a list of blog I follow on a regular basis (by rss syndication) Some are very active (several post a day) some less (one post a year) but worse it 😉 Beautiful Pixels [RSS] Beyond3D News [RSS] c0de517e [RSS] Chris Hecker’s Website – Recently Changed Articles [RSS] Confetti Special FX [RSS] Deano’s Home […]

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