Touch type training resources

I learnt touch typing many years ago.

After discussing with a friend, I recently switched to split ortho linear keybaord, the Keyboardio Model 100 I ordered during their kickstarter campaign.

This change is quite fantastic, and I’ve taken some times to learn how to use layer, and create my own layer configuration by the use of a custom firmware.

Aftre some reading, I also switched to colmak, which is a raeally pain saver keyboard layout. It took some times to get use to it, and after two mounth, I feel quite comfrotable even if my typing speed is not yet equivalent to what I’ve been used to on qwerty (and I still can type in qwerty on other keybaords, but I must watch the keybaord more or less to force my brain to switch layout)

Here is a list of online resources to train typing, I’m currently spend hafl on hour a day on these site to parctices different typing challenges. I think the challenges become easily addictive, and obtain five stars or new persnoal best score must trigger serotonin release 🙂 scorecard for user dlyr

I’m still searching for a wireless split keyboard to use with my laptop and tablette, I think it will by a Kyria from, with cherry mx silent red, and profiled keycaps from one of my former keyboard (sk 621 for instance)

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