• libGL.so compil problem

    From time to time, on my ubuntu 11.10, i have link error like “undefined reference to glGetQueryObjectui64v”. This is because an unidentify package update break libGL.so symlink in /usr/lib or /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu The best solution I found is to manually “sudo rm libGL.so libGL.so.1” and to “ln -s nvidia-current/libGL.so .” in usr/lib and “ln -s ../libGL.so […]

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  • Install (and develop in) cuda under ubuntu 11.10

    What you need for cuda with ubuntu 11.10 : Download and install cudatoolkit (4.1.28) and gpucomputingsdk nvidia download page You also need last driver (either with a ppa package or direct from nvidia). chmod +x cudatoolkit_4.1.28_linux_64_ubuntu11.04.run ./cudatoolkit_4.1.28_linux_64_ubuntu11.04.run #-> /home/XXX/cuda for instance chmod +x gpucomputingsdk_4.1.28_linux.run ./gpucomputingsdk_4.1.28_linux.run #-> /home/XXX/NVIDIA_GPU_Computing_SDK # indicate cuda install dir I choose to […]

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  • Cubemaps

    After finding a bug in our render engine, I figure out that cubemaps texture coordinate generation is quite unusual.Note on cubemap format : texcoord(0,0) is in upper right corner of POSITIVE_X i.e. texCoords3f(1,1,1) maps on pixel(0,0) of image POSITIVE_X, texCoords(1,1,-1) maps on (1, 0) and (1, -1, -1) maps on (0,1)Cube map layout is hence […]

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