• Turning crazy with sound

    UPDATE: problem is still preset … still trying to find what is going on. After a recent update on my debian workstation, I had spurious sound volume changes, only with line out, no matter my usb headset either plug in or out (but when I listen with the usb headset, there was no problem). I […]

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  • Internship proposal: Stroke clustering for stylized animation automatic in-betweening

    Location : Laboratoire IRIT, STORM research team, Université Paul Sabatier – Toulouse Advisor : David Vanderhaeghe, , dlyr.fr, Amélie Fondevilla Funding : ANR project Structures ANR-19-CE38-0009-01 Keywords : stroke-based rendering, painterly animation, example-based methods, computer graphics Context. Animation movies show great media of artistic expression (see Fig. [fig:ex]), allowing artists to convey powerful narrations, while […]

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