I develop a lot of small program for research purpose. Most of them do not go outside my PC ;).

Here is listed distributed projects I get involved in, opensource or not. You can also check my github page

Open Source

C++/3D related

  • Radium Engine : A realtime engine to perform fast research test for rendering and geometry

Emacs stuff

After testing some “modern IDE” I get back to the source and use Emacs as my main IDE for coding C, C++, bash, lisp, python, LaTeX. So I extend it to have all the functionalities I need 😉 Hum mostly I use package from others …

  • cmake-ide : Emacs package that use cmake as a base for IDE features
  • run target : Emacs package add-on to cmake-ide to list the available targets

Closed source Projects

  • Ray Portals (TTT industrial transfert): User control of light in renderer images
  • 3DSi (TTT industrial transfert): Face culling for web visualization of meshes.