FAQ for prospective students & post-docs

inspired by Frédo Durand

UPS TLSE students for M1 TER, M2 CO, summer intern

If you’re interested in computer graphics, geometry, rendering or expressive rendering, feel free to contact me. We might be able to define an interesting topic to work on.

A programming experience is a huge plus, especially in C++ and OpenGL.

Prospective interns from other institutions

Q: Can I do a 3-months internship with you ?

If you can justify of a personal or intern first experience in computer graphics, I will study your proposition.
If I feel your mail was something like a spam you have sended to many other people, I won’t answer.

Prospective PhD and post-docs

Q: Do you have funding for post-doctoral researchers or PhD student ?

No. But we can try to find one. First of all it is essential that you know what topic I am working on, go around the publications page and the STORM team page. If you’re exited by computer graphics and you think you can have your contribution in the field, send me a mail, present what you wish to do and what you have done.
PhD funding is not easy to obtain, and without funding, you can’t pretend to pursue a PhD program. But certain personal circumstances can greatly increase funding possibilities (for instance for non-french students, specific funding exists for some countries …). If I judge your application as interesting, then we could send application to funding program, but remember these funding program has way long schedule, so contact me early 😉

Q: How can I get an answer to my mail ???
Be specific and show that you worth an answer ! and if you include the password babidibabidiboo in the subject of your mail, be sure I’ll read it.